Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Port and Jamie

Not much to blog about from this week, as meals have been speedy and unexciting, thanks to me being very busy.

But last Wednesday, I had a very good food and drink evening.

We started in College, for a Port Tasting. There were 20 of us, and 14 bottles of port, which is a pretty good ratio to start with. Even better when 10 of those bottles are vintage port all costing over £50, and two of those 10 are 1963 port, which is £140 a bottle. Not something that I'd ever get to taste normally.

It was a very interesting evening, I learnt quite a bit about port, how it's amde and how it ages, and we looked at how port ages, and compared vintage to Ruby port. We also got to take the leftovers home, so there's a very nice bottle of port in my kitchen at the moment, waiting to be drunk.

Then my parents came up for dinner at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant. The food was absolutely fantastic. We started with olives, which came with some crackers and tapenade, while we waited at the bar for a table. We had at least a half an hour wait even thought it was already gone 8pm when we got there.

We shared mozarella with pesto, parmesan with balsamic and grilled vegetables to start, with a bread basket. Then I had amazing mushroom ravioli, mum had prawn linguine and dad had the canneloni. All were really, really good. I'd definitely go back - it's actually not that expensive, either.

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  1. Jamie's recipes look so good, I can only imagine the food at his restaurant is amazing. Also, the port class sounds interesting. I've always wanted to go to a wine tasting class, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    I love sandwiches and bean salads for quick meals. Also quinoa/rice salads. I've made a quinoa/sweet potato/black bean salad before that was delicious and traveled well.