Thursday, 12 February 2009

Making Breakfast

Normally for breakfast, at uni anyway, I have a banana, broken into pieces, with a yoghurt. My favourite flavour is Rhubarb, and although I love Rachel's organic yoghurt, it's quite expensive so I usually stick to Tescos.

But, the recent talk of forced rhubarb, which is apparently coming into season here, has made my crave my other favourite uni breakfast*, which is stewed fruit/compote, ideally made with rhubarb. But, unfortunately, neither the Tesco metro in Oxford, nor the bigger Tesco at home, nor Oxford Sainsburys, nor the market, have yet had rhubarb. Eventually I might make it out to the big Tescos, and try there.

So, when I was in Tescos yesterday, I spotted a punnet of plums for £1. Too good to refuse, I so bought those, along with a bag of Granny Smiths to cook instead.

I chopped them up, although left the skins on, and put them in a big pan with some water, bringing them to the boil, lid off, then leave to cook quietly while I did some other things.

It was good to have something warm for breakfast this morning!

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