Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cooking Rhubarb

I love Rhubarb. It's strange, because I used to hate it, a by-product of school I think. Can't get enough of it now, and forced rhubarb is in season now, but relatively hard to get hold of. But I found some in Oxford's Covered Market, finally!

During the week I decided it was time to cook some, chopped and sprinkled with sugar, in the oven.

It cooks down so it's all lovely and soft, but manages to retain its shape. The sugar balances out the tang, but maintains that lovely rhubarby flavour. Sadly it does lose some of that amazing colour.

And it goes really well with custard. Even bought custard, as it's not something I'm likely to make for myself. It's very simple, but I'm going to send it to WTSIM: Hot Dessert.

1 comment:

  1. rhubarb is always a winner! i love the contrast of flavours you describe - a bit of sweet, a bit of tang - and i am always amazed how something that is inedible raw can turn into something so delicious when cooked! thanks for your contribution to WTSIM!