Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Planning & Preparation

A little pre-dinner thought for you, should anyone find this blog :)

How far in advance do you plan meals?

For years now, mum has been planning meals for home a week in advance, so that she only has to shop once as week, because of her long working hours, and because of the difficult opening hours of the kosher butchers. So week-day meals usually go along the lines of one pasta, one fish, one chicken/mincemeat, and one other. Fridays being different, as it's Shabbat (more of this at a later date).

Now at uni, it's not possible to plan to that extent, partly due to the ever-changing schedule. But I do try to have some idea of what I'm going to eat, especially as I often eat lunch and dinner at home, and it does get boring.

I was amused this week to find R, my housemate, in the kitchen defrosting a salmon fillet that she wanted to eat then and there. She says she's unable to plan ahead at all with meals. So unlike me, but I wonder if that's unusual. I guess it helps that I love thinking about food!

In other news, have chickened out of going to the Oxford Strategic Studies Group tonight because it's just soo cold. So staying in by the tv instead, and will attempt to start the next essay.

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