Sunday, 22 February 2009

Food to Go

Apart from studying, a major part of my university life (both as an undergrad at Leeds and now as a grad at Oxford) revolves around the theatre. I am very involved in technical theatre - the backstage stuff. I like lighting, props, set and Stage/Production Managing. Particularly the last two - I like being organised, and telling other people what to do :D It's hard work though.

This means that I often spend a lot of evenings in rehearsals or shows. And as they often take up whole evenings, that requires bringing in food. I like to eat pretty healthily, so I'm not overly keen on lots of take-aways or bought sandwhiches and things.

For the last two night's I have been in the theatre, op-ing the lights. The first night I took in roasted veg, quinoa, feta and chick peas in a spicy tomato dressing. That's one of my favourites. The second I took in a pea and broad bean salad with feta in a minty dressing. Also good.

The problem now, is that I'll be in rehearsals then performances for the next two weeks. That's a lot of meals to think up....

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