Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Lovely Week in Oxford

It's been a really lovely week in Oxford. I handed in my last essay on Tuesday afternoon, and after collapsing on my bed briefly, I went out for a girly dinner with one of my best girl friends. We went to Zizzis, which I think is a decent chain, as they had a good offer on - buy one main, and get the second for 10p. I had a calzone, which was pretty good, and some really nice wine. We were joined by another friend in the evening.

Wednesday evening was college wine tasting. The tasting events are one of the most amazing things that college offers us. They are completely free, and include 20 bottles of wine for 20 people. We also get lots of information about what we are drinking, and the chance to discuss it with a really knowlegeable guy, which is so interesting. We managed to get through most of the wine during the evening, sitting in our common room and having a nice, relaxed evening.

Thursday I went back to Zizzis! It was unintentional to go twice in the same week, but we were having a course dinner there. The second time I had their ravioli, and I thought that was really good.

Today was another lovely day. We had our MCR Pimms and Strawberries event, which was literally that. The weather was perfect, and we sat in the sun in a lovely garden for hours, drinking pimms and eating strawberries and cream. Pretty good way to spend the day!

This evening I wanted something full of veggies for dinner, so I opted for a nice salad.

I had some roast chicken in the freezer, which I'd defrosted, so that went in, along with some crutons that I made, and some roasted big portobello mushrooms. The salad also had mixed leaves (bought rtc in Tescos!), strawberries, avocado and cucumber. It was lovely!

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