Friday, 19 June 2009

Blog Award

I've been nominated for a 'One Lovely Blog Award' by City Girl! This is particularly exciting for me as I'm currently planning a trip to her home of Washington DC in a few months. I've got some funding, and now I'm looking at flights, finding somewhere to stay and making plans!

She posted six reasons that she is happy today, so I'm going to do the same:

1. I've made it through my first academic year at Oxford.
2. I have complete support for my thesis from the tutor's whose opinion is most important.
3. I'm going to Washington to do my research in September!
4. I've just started dating a lovely guy in my class.
5. I'm really looking forward to this weekend's garden party and wedding.
6. I signed the contract for next year's house today.

And now I'm going to pass it on to:

Eats Well With Others
Burp and Slurp
Once Upon a Feast
Jenn Cuisine
Larder Lout.


  1. I blush...thanks for thinking of me for the award.

  2. So glad the award made you happy :) Hope my blog helps you plan some good eats in Washington DC and do email me as you get closer to your trip :)