Thursday, 12 March 2009

Quick cooking

A couple of quick, photo-less recipes.

Last night, pre-cocktails (perfect way to avoid revision), I needed to use up half a leftover butternut squash, that I had roasted to mash earlier in the week. I also had half a little goat's cheese round which I wanted to use.

So I decided to go for an favourite combination, squash, goat's cheese, spinach, walnuts and red onion. The spinach was from the market, and the proper leaves, not the stuff you get in supermarket bags. Red onions I already had, so I just bought some walnuts, and some sage.

I saute'd the red onion in olive oil with some cumin, and added the cubed squash when the onion was soft. I threw in some torn, washed spinach leaves, then the sage, walnuts and goats cheeese, and stirred until the spinach wilted and the cheese melted. It was lovely!

I rarely make desserts, but, in my post-theatre exhaustion on Sunday, I was craving something sweet. There was no chocolate in the house, but I did have some maple-flavoured golden syrup, which I'd bought to make fake blood with (!). I poured some of that over a banana and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. It was sooo good!

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