Sunday, 15 March 2009


I've been eating out a lot in the evening, but I've had some good lunches this week.

Actually, the first was eaten out, in the form of a take-away sandwhich from my favourite deli in Oxford. It's called Olives, and it has really lovely Italian ingredients. My baguette this week is their vegetarian special: pesto, with buffalo mozarella, fresh and sun dried tomatoes, and rocket. It was really, really good. I want another one!

My lunch yesterday, at home, was a really good tuna salad, that involved sun dried tomatoes, marinated aubergine, and grilled, marinated courgettes, which I bought because they were on special offer in Tesco. All served with a nice sundried tomato roll. Lovely.

Am hoping to have time to cook today, after a day of revision.

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