Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 8 months now, and I think he's wonderful. We are incredibly happy, spend lots of time together, and, frankly, everything is great. Wow, that sounds pretty gross! So, for the first time in a long time, I was quite looking forward to V day. I mean, yes, it's over commercialised and silly. But it also gave us an excuse to spend the day together, and go out for dinner in the evening. These are both things that don't happen in Oxford very often - we see each other every day, but we are usually with other people or working. We work constantly.

Anyway, my dreams of the perfect day were slightly disrupted by the presence of the Varsity Fencing competition on the 13th. For the uninitiated, Varsity matches are between Oxford and Cambridge, and therefore they are a Big Deal. And this is potentially his last year in Oxford, and therefore his last chance to get a half-blue (i.e. to fence in Varsity).

Fencing Varsity: that's him on the right.

I imagine you are currently questioning why this disrupted the 14th. You may correctly imagine that training for Varsity means lots of early mornings, lots of training, and that sort of thing, but you may assume that the day after we'd be relatively free of fencing. Not so. For all Varsity competitions are followed by Varsity dinner. Varsity dinner involves putting two teams who spend all year waiting to compete together, in a room, with lots of alcohol. Dinner is always followed by drinks, and sometimes fighting. Lovely. So now I imagine the impact of Varsity on V day is becoming clearer...

He came in the morning at 7.30 (although he'd slept for a while in College, apparently). We woke up at 11, and he seemed to be doing ok, and by 1.30ish he was requesting food. I had planned a special V day/hang over brunch for him - blueberry pancakes and bacon.

He seemed very pleased by the idea, and helped cook the bacon, and even showered for the occasion. But it all went downhill after that. He went a little pale. He managed a mouthful. He disappeared. He came back, ate a little more, and went to bed. So nice idea and I thought it tasted good!

A giant, misshapen pancake

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