Sunday, 28 February 2010

Cooking for others - and using the leftovers.

Friday was my night to host the weekly graduate Jewish Society event. It's a pot luck and everyone shows up, unannounced, and brings something. Usually, amazingly, it works quite well. This week was fairly disastrous as only two people turned up. On the plus side on bought chocolate cheesecake!

It can be a lot of people, and I am not doing well on the cash-flow side of things, so I opted to make a quorn chilli and rice. A good quorn chilli with decent spicing tastes much better than you would expect from looking at it!

I started by frying an onion, some mushrooms (I had to have some kind of vegetable!) and then I added the quorn mince. It's ugly:
I then started with the spices. Lots of them. Cumin and corriander are essential. Chilli powder (but not too much). More cumin. Cinnamon to lift it. Crumbled vegetable stock and a bayleaf, and salt and pepper. And some more cumin!

Then I added two tins of tomatoes, a tin of tomato puree, water, some Worcester Sauce, and two tins of kidney beans.

Lots of tasting and adjusting spices - quorn absorbs flavour, so it's best to put lots in! And it tasted pretty good in the end.

I did a giant portion of rice, too, along with sour cream, salsa and tortilla chips.

I had lots of leftover rice to use up, which obviously screamed egg fried rice to me. So tonight that's what I did.

I started by frying onion, garlic, ginger, chilli powder, and then broccoli and mushrooms, which were what I had in. (Excuse the poor iPhone photos).

I then added the rice, stirred until it was heated all the way through, with added soy & sweet chilli sauce, then cracked a couple of eggs in too.

Once done, I put it onto a plate and then pan-fried a piece of salmon to go on top.

I love left overs!

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  1. I love leftovers too. You did a beautiful job with these. I want some.