Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day - Continued

OK, I don't want to be entirely negative, and our evening was much better. He woke up and we watched The Wire on dvd - we are currently on Series 3 and really enjoying it. And then we headed to one of our favourite places for dinner, Santorini, on the Cowley Road.

We opted for their mixed mezze, although it feels slightly like cheating by not choosing, we wanted to try lots of things. And it was definitely a good call! I didn't remember to take photos until half way through dinner, but here are some of the yummy things we ate.

Pasta with meat and mushrooms
Meatballs Calamari and Whitebait

Fava Bean dip


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  1. I always find it very hard to decide what to get at restaurants. I'd much rather just sit back and have someone bring the food to me!