Monday, 31 August 2009

A weekend in New York

I am in the US! This is semi-officially a research trip, but it's also my first return to the US since I lived in DC back in 2007, and a chance to catch up with my friends and do some shopping - always essential!

I landed at JFK on Thursday night, and went straight to my friend Annie's house. The food on Delta was actually not too bad - I had pasta, rather than chicken, because I hate chicken on planes! I was too tired to eat when I got there, having been up early to see my sister who had just come back from Mexico, I somehow managed to stay up until midnight New York time - which is 5am in London!

So, Friday was my first day in the US, and I largely spent it in Brooklyn, which is where Annie lives. We didn't do too much, which was good because I was tired, but we did go out for a rather yummy lunch at a Vietnamese sandwich place. The UK doesn't really do Vietnamese food in the same way, so I was particularly pleased. They have a choice of about 6 sandwiches - 3 pork, 2 chicken and a tofu. I opted for chicken, and choose medium spicy, which was definitely the right decision! The sandwiches had lots of salad in them, particularly carrot and radish, which gave it a good crunch.

Friday evening, after buying my new macbook (yay!) we went to Annie's mom's restaurant, The Green Table. I'd highly recommend it! Their focus is on ethical and sustainable food, which also happens to be very tasty! We shared a crudite platter, and then I had halibut cheek tacos, which were so good. I love Mexican food! For dessert I had cheesecake with strawberries and a blueberry sauce. Needless to say I was very full after that! Another Oxford friend, Anna, came to dinner with us, and then I went back to her apartment, which was where I was staying for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was a particularly unhealthy eating day, but I think we made up for it by walking across New York! We had waffles with maple syrup for a late breakfast, and then sandwiches and fries for a late lunch after a few hours at the Met. They at least came with salad. We didn't really want dinner, but before going to see the September Issue at the cinema, we got Cold Stone ice cream, which is soo good! I had their peanut butter cup creation, but with vanilla ice cream, so it was ice cream, peanut butter, reeses pieces and fudge. Yum! But lucky we walked from the Met to Time Square!

We were healthier on Sunday, and we did a ton of walking again. We had mango for breakfast at Anna's, the salads for lunch (we'd hoped for brunch but it was a miscommunication). We spent the afternoon in downtown New York, mainly South Street Sea Port, and then we wandered up to Chinatown in the evening, where we went to a veggie dim sum place, because Anna is veggie. Then it was back home so I could do a little preparation for my research which started Monday.

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