Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Slightly Eventful Evening (with a good dessert)

I'm a little shaken up by last nights events.

I had a lovely evening at a pot-luck dinner with friends, and some new acquaintances. The host was an old friend so I stayed to chat after everyone had gone, and didn't leave until 1.30. I'm allowed to have fun every once in a while. I was sober, so I decided to cycle home - it's less than 10 minutes, not far at all, and on one residential road (his road) and one main road (my road).

About two minutes from home, a car seemed to be slowing down beside me. This was odd, as there were no cars going the other way, so it wasn't like it couldn't get around me and was waiting to overtake. As they pulled up beside me and an arm appeared, I realised that they were trying to grab my handbag out of my bike basket. Incredibly, I had at one point had the bag hanging off the handlebars, but luckily I moved it otherwise the bag, with my wallet, keys and IPhone, would have been long gone. I screamed and pulled away, and they sped off, leaving me and the bike having fallen on the pavement, but luckily generally unscathed.

Combined with the fact that things with the boyfriend have hit a rocky patch, and I'm having to give him some time to figure stuff out, it's been an eventful week. Not in a good way.

But anyway, back to food.

I thought I'd take a dessert, thinking that people were more likely to cook main course. But of course, people tended to buy dessert, so next time (this is a Jewish event that happens every week) I'll take main course.

This one survived the bike fall!

I made Lemon Chiffon Pie. The recipe comes from my grandma, and I don't know where she got it from!

Make a biscuit base - which is just digestives and melted butter.
Put the base in your serving dish, this dessert isn't cooked.

Whip 5 fl oz cream, and then add 1 tin condensed milk, and the rind and juice of 3 lemons.
Add to the base and chill.

Very easy!

I made double, and did one big and one small dish. The big one disappeared, but the small came home with me. Miraculously it survived the bike fall!

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