Thursday, 5 November 2009


One of my housemates eats the same thing every day, pretty much. Same breakfast, same lunch, and one of about three dinners. I couldn't do that - I'd just get bored. I love thinking up new things to cook all the time.

But when I look at the things that I've cooked recently, there doesn't seem to be much that's new. I frequently return to things that I know I've mentioned on here before. So my aim for the second half of term (we are half way through now!) is to cook different things, and to blog about them. So watch this space!

Meanwhile, here are some photos of some old favourites that I've made recently:

Couscous with spicy harissa dressing, roasted veg, chicken, apricots and pine nuts - yum!

Thai green veg curry
Cheesecake - decorated with witches hats for our Halloween Party

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